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Meet Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin is a certified personal trainer and a former high school wrestling coach and collegiate-level athlete. As a coach, he helped young athletes achieve All-State and All-American level accolades and advance to collegiate-level competition.

Tyler’s innovative approach to fitness and behavior change enables him to stay in fantastic shape while managing a demanding life as a full-time marketer, business owner, researcher, writer, and husband. His fitness system revolutionized his life by helping him and his family develop lifelong fitness habits that are compatible with busy lifestyles.

After retiring from athletics, Tyler quickly realized that as an average working person, he’d have much less time and energy to devote to maintaining a proper diet and exercise regimen. This realization prompted him to develop a solution for getting and staying in great shape while expending the least amount of effort. He realized the habit-forming methods he learned as an athlete and coach could be applied to basic fitness principles to create a fitness system that is compatible with modern life.

In 2010, Tyler began studying the diet and exercise literature and experimenting with various methods. After many years of being his own guinea pig and identifying what works, he devised an efficient and complete fitness philosophy and system. Soon after, his wife, Morgan, and her family implemented the system and they all experienced great success. He spent the next five years honing and codifying his approach into a straightforward and comprehensive program for busy people.

Tyler, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, enjoys laughing with his wife, playing with his dog, Maverick, and having deep discussions with a few good friends. When he has free time, Tyler enjoys reading inspiring novels and watching movies with great heroes.